Birdneck Point Garden Club records 1949-2010

Birdneck Point Garden Club (Virginia Beach, Va.).


5 boxes ; various sizes.
Organized into the following series: I. Club directories, 1951-2002, 2005-2008, area directories 2008 and 2010 (in box 15 x 20 x 31 cm) ; II. 3 scrapbooks, 1952-2002 (in box 8 x 53 x 63 cm.) ; III. Approximately 200 images (labeling variable): slides and color photographs, negatives, 1982-2002 (in box 7 x 17 x 31 cm.) ; IV. Flower shows and flower show judging ; V. Essays (some handwritten) and articles pertaining to gardening principles, including cultivation of specific plants and local fauna (in box with Series IV, 27 x 33 x 42) ; VI. Club records: 7 Log books and 3 folders (in box, 27 x 33 x 42).
Series II. Three scrapbooks in erratic order containing materials from 1952-2002, including photographs, letters, certificates, awards, fliers, newspaper articles, ticket stubs and booklets.
Series IV. Several hundred documents pertaining to flower shows and flower show judging. These include handbills, guidelines for judging, score sheets awarded to club members, information pertaining to the Flower Show Judges school run by the Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs.
Series VI. Log books include club minutes, attendance records, by-laws, and ribbon book, 1949-1971. Folders include correspondence, events, programs, posters, list of officers and committee reports, and other club business.
Founded in May 1949 with 18 originals members, the Birdneck Point Garden club is a not-for-profit organization devoted chiefly to community outreach, especially community beautification projects. Members meet to discuss future projects and to exchange information and insight on local gardening. The organization has enjoyed a longstanding relationships with, and membership in, the Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs. In addition, the members have hosted and participated in countless garden shows over the decades of the club's existence.

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