Negro enlistment in Union Army [electronic resource]


Scrap of a military record denoting the first names of negro enlistments in Colored Infantry Regiments. Also mentioned are some officers with the units. The notation of Gallatin and the date of 1863 most probably is associated with the formation of the 40th Colored Infantry or a mistaken date reference to their later Gallatin service, since the 42nd was not authorized to form until 1864. The reference to the 41st Colored Infantry is puzzling, since the 41st was comprised of Pennsylvannia men.
The 40th U.S. Colored Infantry Regiment was organized in Nashville between 1863 and 1864 under the authorization of Governor Andrew Johnson. The regiment performed railroad guard duty around Nashville and Gallatin and built to five companies before being transferred to the District of East Tennessee in 1865.The 42nd was organized in Chattanooga in 1864 as an invalid regiment for garrison duty in the area. Authorization came from Adjutant General L. Thomas, who referred to the unit as a laboring regiment.
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