Scrapbooks and yearbooks, 1961-2007

Council of Garden Clubs of Virginia Beach (Va.).


approximately 40 books in three boxes.
Organized into the following series: I.Scrapbooks. Box 1:1961, 1962, 1971; Box 2: 1971-72 ; Box 3 1973(2) ; II.Yearbooks, Council of Garden Clubs of Virginia Beach, 1972-2007 (minus 1994-1995 and 1995-1996 ; III. Yearbooks, Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs, 1985-1987.
Series I. Scrapbooks include clippings, photographs, correspondences, and programs of both the Council of Garden Clubs and of member clubs.
Series II. (in Box 3) Printed yearbooks for the Council of Garden Clubs of Virgina Beach include lists of Council officers and committee chairs, plus rosters of officers of member clubs. Also may include by-laws, budgets, and lists of programs and speakers.
Series III. (in Box 3) Printed yearbooks for the Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs.
Founded on July 31, 1950 by six garden clubs (Bay Colony, Birdneck, Cavalier, Linkhorn Park, Princess Anne and Virginia Beach), the Council envisioned "improving and beautifying" our area. Today there are more than forty garden clubs in the Council's membership. "The founders' vision of improving and beautifying our area continues through the Council's support of beautification through its ABC (Home and Neighborhood Development Sponsors) Program, conservation and recycling programs, preservation of garden landmarks like the Francis Land House, and education through Nature Camp awards for children, and other special education programs." Taken, in part from The Fifty Years of the Virginia Beach Council of Garden Clubs, Inc., by Virginia Gayle, Council Historian, and presented October 11, 2000.
Boxes 1 and 2: 26 x 42 x 32 cm. ; Box 3: 8 x 82 x 59 cm.

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