Sheet music collection Series III, Patriotic songs from Edward Taylor Paull, 1898-1920 / arranged, composed, or written by E.T. Paull

Paull, E. T.,. 1858-1924


40 scores ; in box, 34 x 26 cm.
Includes individual sheet music and some compilations.
America Forever! -- Battle of Gettysburg (2 copies) -- Battle of the Nations -- Charge of the Light Brigade (2 copies) --Chariot Race (2 copies) -- Collection of Standard Marches -- Dashing Cavaliers -- Dawn of the Century (2 copies) -- Folio of Famous Marches (2 copies) -- Folio of Novelties and Marches (2 copies) -- Herald of Peace (2 copies) -- Home Coming March -- Hurrah for the Liberty Boys, Hurrah! -- Hurricane -- Kaiser Jubilee March -- Legion of Victory -- Lincoln Centennial Grand March -- Military March Folio -- Napoleon's Last Charge (2 copies) -- Old-Time Waltz Favorites -- Paul Revere's Ride -- Pershing's Crusaders -- Roaring Volcano -- Sheridan's Ride -- Spirit of France -- Spirit of the USA -- Standard Marches Collection -- Storm King -- Tipperary Guards (2 copies) -- Triumphant Banner (2 copies) -- United Nations -- We'll Stand by the Flag (2 copies) --Woman Forever March.
E.T. (Edward Taylor) Paull grew up in West Virginia and worked in the J.S. Caroll selling pianos and organs. He later moved to Richmond Virginia, where he lived for five years. He opened the Richmond Music Company, selling pianos and organs, and also issuing some of his first compositions. Many of Paull's compositions were marches celebrating various famous military campaigns.
Chiefly piano solos; some voice with piano accompaniment.

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