Annual reports, 1899-1919

Massachusetts State Board of Charity


1.5 cubic ft. (33 v.)..
In two subseries: (1) Annual reports. (2) Annual reports of state institutions.
Report year end date varies. Date recorded here is for predominant year represented, although actual publication date is usually the following calendar year.
Subseries (1): 20 v. Arranged chronologically. Holdings: 1899-1909, 1911-1919 (no. 21-31, 33-41, continuing number from predecessor agency); 1910 (no. 32) lacking. Printed reports issued by the Board relate to public and private welfare, mental health, juvenile detention, and to a lesser degree, public health and correctional institutions, some of which are also represented by individually published reports found in subseries (2) below, or cataloged separately.
Subseries (2): 13 v. Arranged chronologically. Holdings: 1899, 1907-1912, 1914-1919; 1900-1906, 1913 lacking. Printed reports by trustees of the following institutions are included as follows: State Almshouse at Tewksbury, 1899/State Hospital at Tewksbury, 1907-1908/State Infirmary at Tewksbury, 1909-1912, 1914-1919. State Farm at Bridgewater, 1899, 1907-1912, 1914-1918. Massachusetts Hospital for Dipsomaniacs and Inebriates at Foxborough, 1899/Foxborough State Hospital, 1907, 1912 (i.e., Norfolk)/Norfolk State Hospital, 1914-1918. Massachusetts Hospital for Epileptics at Palmer, 1899, 1907. Massachusetts Hospital School at Canton, 1908-1912, 1914-1919. Massachusetts State Sanatorium at Rutland, 1907-1909 (and see below). Massachusetts Commissioners on Hospitals for Consumptives, 1909/Trustees of Massachusetts Hospitals for Consumptives, 1910-1912, 1914-1919: North Reading Sanatorium, 1909/North Reading State Sanatorium, 1910-1912, 1914-1919; Lakeville Sanatorium, 1909/Lakeville State Sanatorium, 1910-1912, 1914-1919; Westfield Sanatorium, 1909/Westfield State Sanatorium, 1910-1912, 1914-1919. Worcester Insane Asylum, 1899, 1907. Taunton Insane Hospital, 1899, 1907. Northampton Insane Hospital, 1899/Northampton State Hospital, 1907. Danvers Insane Hospital, 1899, 1907. Westborough Insane Hospital, 1899, 1907. Medfield Insane Asylum, 1899, 1907. Industrial School for Boys at Shirley, 1909-1910 (and see below). Trustees of the Lyman and Industrial Schools, 1899, 1907-1910/Trustees of Massachusetts Training Schools, 1911-1912, 1914-1919: Lyman School for Boys at Westborough; Industrial School for Boys at Shirley (from 1911); State Industrial School for Girls at Lancaster/Industrial School for Girls (as of 1911). Wrenthem State School, 1907.
In 1898 the State Board of Lunacy and Charity in Massachusetts was divided into the State Board of Insanity and the State Board of Charity. The latter was succeeded by the Dept. of Public Welfare in 1919.
Public document, no. 17.
Record (CStRLIN)MASV90-A499/(OCoLC)145430161 describes the series of which this subseries forms a part: Massachusetts. State Bookstore. Annual reports of state agencies ((M-Ar)1318).
Agency history record (OCoLC)314404364 describes the history and functions of the State Board of Charity.

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