Military patches, 1953-2005


29 embroidered patches : colored thread on fabric ; in archival binder box 7 x 31 x 34 cm.
Roughly circular patches (except as noted in contents note) chiefly from Navy commands and squadrons from Norfolk and Virginia Beach, Va. Patches from Little Creek Amphibious Base prior to merger in 2005 and following merger when it became Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story. Also includes patches from the USCG Cutter Northland and USCGC Forward (Portsmouth), patches from base fire departments and police, plus one souvenir patch (Little Creek gator with sailor cap) and one souvenir decal (U.S. Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek Virginia.
1953 championship VF 61 Naval Air Station Oceana, Va. (football shaped) -- Naval Air Station Oceana (2, slightly different sizes, triangular) -- Red Rippers (squadron; pentagonal) -- Sunliners VFA-81 (squadron) -- VFC-12 (squadron) -- Airasron Forty-one (squadron) -- VF 213 (squadron) -- Polaris USN (specialty patch) -- Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center (command) -- School of Music Naval Amphibious Base, Norfolk, Virginia (command) -- Joint Expeditionary Base, Little Creek-Fort Story (command) -- Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek Fire Department, Virginia Beach, Virginia -- Fire Department Navphibase, Little Creek, Norfolk, Va. -- Little Creek (Gator with sailor cap, souvenir patch) -- Seal Team Six (command) -- Seal Team 8 (command) -- Seal Team 2 (command) -- Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek (2, different sizes) -- U.S. Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek (with gator, command) -- NAB Little Creek, Virginia (with Virginia map, command) -- Seal Delivery Vehicle Team Two (command) -- Police, NAV PHI Base LIttle Creek, Norfolk Va.) -- USCG Forward, WMEC 911 -- USCGC Northland WMEC 904 -- Fighting 33 (squadron) -- Naval Guided Missiles School, Dam Neck (command) -- Fleet Combat Training Center, Atlantic Dam Neck : Professionalism (command) -- DECAL: U.S. Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek, Virginia.
Embroidered patches are an identification tool for military and other uniformed personnel, often denoting a specific unit. Unit identification (shoulder sleeve insignia) originated during World War I for limited use. "The oldest of all official U.S. military patches is the Big Red One of the 1st Infantry Division, first issued on Oct. 31, 1918. SSI became common during World War II and distinctive patches for individual units of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard have become a proud tradition and there is an active collectors market, especially for rare, limited edition patches. ... For the U.S. military, patch designs are certified and protected by the Institute of Heraldry. The institute decides how military patches are displayed, how it is worn and the reasons for display." (from "Embroidered Patch",, viewed Feb. 25, 2015).

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