Case histories of alien passengers aided, 1909-1914

Massachusetts State Board of Charity


1 v. (Oct. 1909-Jan. 1914) (partial record center carton).
Arranged chronologically by registration date.
Series contains descriptions of immigrants receiving aid, including name, age, birthplace, rate, date of entry into the U.S., hospital, date admitted, disease (and if prior or subsequent to landing), discharge, ship, and port of entry. Notes indicate when case was submitted for reimbursement, amount of bill and if and when paid. Cases are noted as being discharged when landing dates were too long ago or were unable to be verified, or if the bill was paid by family or friends. Also notes if the patient was to be deported, or if left the institution before investigation or arrest could be made.
Transfer of immigration authority from the states to the federal government occurred with the federal Acts of 1891, c 551. In Massachusetts, continuing state medical care of alien passengers was administered first by the State Board of Lunacy and Charity (1886-1898), and then by its successor, the State Board of Charity (from1898). A federal alien immigration act of Feb. 20, 1907 led to a July 1908 contract between the immigration office in the U.S. Treasury Dept. and the State Board of Charity, renewed July 1909, replacing a similar contract of Mar. 1894. It provided federal reimbursement for care at state hospitals or other suitable institutions until deportation, or until one year after entry into the United States--three years for those ordered deported whose need for public support predated their arrival. A contract of Aug. 1910 repealed previous terms, and indicated that the federal government would not pay alien hospital charges, except in cases where the government was paying for deportation with the consent of the alien concerned. Formal contracts with Massachusetts were discontinued as of Jan. 1, 1911. Hereafter Massachusetts, like other states, was to receive any payments at approved rates under federal immigration regulations.
Agency history record (OCoLC)314404364 describes the history and functions of the State Board of Charity.
Agency history record (CStRLIN)MASVAH0411-A/(OCoLC)122521143 describes the history and functions of the Board of Alien Commissioners, including a history of Massachusetts immigration administration prior to 1863.
Agency history record (CStRLIN)MASVAH0412-A/(OCoLC)122505870 describes the history and functions of the Division of Immigration, including a history of Massachusetts immigration administration, 1863-1911.

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