[Correspondence of Sarah Josepha Hale]

Hale, Sarah Josepha Buell, 1788-1879


1 box (28 folders).
Letters and envelopes Organized into 28 folders; Grouped by sender.
Has letters to Hale from Isaac N. Arnold, Nathaniel P. Banks, Elizabeth Blackwell, James Buell, Mary Cowden Clarke, James Cooper, Theodore Ledyard Cuyler, Frances Calderon de la Barca, Anna Hansen Dorsey, Harriette A. Dillaye, Sarah Platt Doremus, Augustus Drum, Elizabeth F. Ellet, Roswell Elmer, Emma C. Embury, C.C. Felton, Louis A. Godey, Salmon K. Hale, Anna Maria Hall, Bemhart Henn, Caroline Lee Whiting Hentz, Fredrich S. Hill, E.B. Holden, J.C. Hooker, Mary Howitt, John H. Hubbard, William D. Kelley, William Ingraham Kip, Caroline M. Kirland, Eliza Leslie, Estelle Anna Lewis, Almira Hart Lincoln, Anne Charlotte Lynch, Horace Mann, Augustus E. Maxwell, Mr. & Mrs. Meyerhoff, John Miller, Ruth P. Morse, Alice B. Neal, Julia M. Olin, Charles Beaumont Phipps, B.H. Pierce, John Pierpoint, Mrs. Elias Plum, William Preston, Benjamin Pringle, Therese Robinson, Sarah Amelia Scull, Charles Sigourney, Lydia H. Sigourney, M.H. Smith, S.N. Smith, Pierre Soule, Dorothy Eliza Nevitte Southworth, Mary A. Stevens, D.D. Taylor, John Renshaw Thomson , M.C. Trout, Maria Turner, Louisa C. Tuthill, C.W. Ufham, Nancy A. Webb, Emma Hart Willard, D.E. Wilson, Levi Woodbury, and R.S. Wyckoff.
Contains letters from Hale to her son, David E. Hale.
Contains correspondence (not to or from Hale) of Fanny, David E. Hale, Frances M.A. Hale, and Horatio Emmons Hale.
Folder 9 contains letters relating to "Women's Record ..." and folder 15 contains correspondence with various congress members lobbying for land grants for girls' schools.
Contains correspondence relating to Godey's Lady's Book.
Contains correspondence relating to Woman's record, or, Sketches of all distinguished women, from "the beginning" till A.D. 1850.

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