Schöpfung Gleich öffnet sich der Erde Schooss Condensed score & parts

Haydn, Joseph, 1732-1809


1 condensed manuscript score and 15 manuscript parts.
No 8. Recitativo. 65m.
Pts (ms): B [Raphael] (2: 1 in 1 Ch I: S); Fl I (2: 1 in 1Fl II); Bsn I, Contra; Trmb I, II, III; Vln I (2), II; Vla I; Basso(2). Rests only: S (3). Tacet: S[Gabariel & Eva], S(2), A(3), T[Uriel], B. Ch I: S, A, T[Uriel] (2), T(2), B. Ch II: B. Fl II, III; Ob I, II; Cl I, II; Clarino I, II; Trpt I, II; Hn I, II; Timp; Vln I; Vla II; Vcl II.
Ms Organ-vocal score.
Hoboken: H XXI/2.
Use restricted by the terms of the Moravian Music Foundation Research Policies.

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