Millard Fillmore photographic collection 1850-1880


1 box (50 folders).
(0.5 linear ft.)..
Prints of the life of Millard Fillmore and his wives, Abigail Powers Fillmore (the first Mrs. Fillmore) and Caroline Carmichael McIntosh (the second Mrs. Fillmore), the children of Abigail and Millard, and other family members. Collection also includes oversized photographs and lithographs shelved offsite.
Folder 1-MF. Millard Fillmore portraits, 1848-1860 -- Folder 2-MF. Millard Fillmore portraits, 1860-1870 -- Folder 3-MF. Millard Fillmore, portrait by Thomas Sully and "Life of Millard Fillmore" (lithograph) -- Folder 4-MF. Early Millard Fillmore woodcut -- Folder 5-MF. Millard Fillmore, school house and barn -- Folder 6-MF. Millard Fillmore law office in East Aurora -- Folder 7-MF. Home in New Hope, NY, home and farm in East Aurora, NY -- Folder 8-MF. Judge Cyrus Powers home in Moravia, NY (site for wedding of Millard and Abigail Powers Fillmore) -- Folder 9-MF. Portraits of Millard Fillmore and Abigail Powers Fillmore -- Folder 10-MF. Millard Fillmore portraits -- Folder 11-MF. Millard Fillmore, 1849 -- Folder 12-MF. 180 Franklin Street (home of MIllard Fillmore when elected Vice President) -- Folder 13-MF. Abigail Powers Fillmore prior to 1850-- Folder 14-MF. Abigail Powers Fillmore, 1850 -- Folder 15-MF. Abigail Powers Fillmore -- Folder 16-MF. Abigail Powers Fillmore, 1850 and 1853 -- Folder 17-MF. Mary Abigail Fillmore, 1854 -- Folder 18 MF. Silver medallion from Millard Fillmore presidency -- Folder 19-MF. Great Compromise painting/engraving 1855 -- Folder 20-MF. Millard Fillmore 1856 -- Folder 21-MF. Millard Fillmore engraving, 1856 -- Folder 22-MF. Fillmore and Donalson campaign banner, 1856 -- Folder 23-MF. No-Nothing Party presidential campaign, 1856 -- Folder 24-MF. Political cartoon of Millard Fillmore, 1856 -- Folder 25-MF. Millard Fillmore, 1857 -- Folder 26-MF. Millard Fillmore, 1857 -- Folder 27-MF. Millard Fillmore daguerreotype photo and engraving, 1858 -- Folder 28-MF. Atlantic Cable international banquet admission ticket for Millard Fillmore, 1858 -- Folder 29-MF. Caroline Fillmore, 1860 -- Folder 30-MF. Millard Powers Filmore, 1860 -- Folder 31-MF. Nathaniel Fillmore, 1860 -- Folder 32-MF. Millard Fillmore home, Niagara Square, 1858-1874 -- Folder 33-MF. Millard Fillmore home, Niagara Square, 1860 -- Folder 34-MF. Captain Millard Fillmore, Union Continentals, 1861 -- Folder 35-MF. Millard Fillmore, 1862-1866 -- Folder 36-MF. Caroline Fillmore, 1870 -- Folder 37-MF. Millard Powers Fillmore, 1870 -- Folder 38-MF. Children of Nathaniel Fillmore including Millard -- Folder 39-MF. Millard Fillmore (side view, head and shoulders) -- Folder 40-MF. Hotel Fillmore (later Castle Inn), 82 Niagara Street, 1880 -- Folder 41-MF. Castle Inn, 1879-1903 and 1915-1919 (just before demolition) -- Folder 42-MF. Castle Inn, 1901 -- Folder 43-MF. Castle Inn interior, 1905 -- Folder 44-MF. Postcards of Castle Inn (Millard Fillmore residence) -- Folder 45-MF. Millard Fillmore gravesite, Forest Lawn Cemetery -- Folder 46-MF. Millard Fillmore carriage -- Folder 47-MF. Millard Fillmore statuary bust -- Folder 48-MF. Millard Fillmore bronze tablet concerning Buffalo Historical Society -- Folder 49-MF. Millard Fillmore statue in front of City Hall -- Folder 50-MF. Millard Fillmore (last photograph taken).
Millard Fillmore Photograph Collection, Buffalo History Museum Research Library.
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