Music 1846-1973



33'10" 131 3"lgl; 1 5"lgl; 2 2.5"lgl; 1 3"ovr.
Boxes 120-135 are unarranged.
The collection consists of published and unpublished works of Yiddish and Hebrew, art, popular, and theater music, Holocaust songs, liturgical and Hasidic music, and instrumental compositions. The collection is divided into the following series: *Sheet Music*. 1897-1969. Published popular, art and theater music, mainly of the United States. Composers and arrangers include Joseph Brody, Abraham Ellstein, Louis Friedsell, Abraham Goldfaden, Solomon Golub, Pinchas Jassinowski, H.A. Russotto, Peretz Sandler, Sholom Secunda, Solomon Shmulewitz-Small, Herman Wohl. *Choral Music*. 1909-1973. Yiddish and Hebrew folk and art songs, classical compositions. Composers and arrangers include Samuel Alman, Abraham Wolf Binder, Samuel Bugatch, Julius Chajes, Harry Coopersmith, Abraham Ellstein, Charles Davidson, Maurice Goldman, Vladimir Heifetz, Max Helfman, Pinchas Jassinowski, Mark Lavry, Henry Lefkowitch, Boris Levenson, Leo Low, Meyer Posner, Jacob Schaefer, Ephraim Shkliar, Lazar Weiner, Zavel Zilberts. *Composers and compilers*. 1846-1972. Yiddish and Hebrew folk, popular and art songs. Theater, liturgical and hasidic music. Music of the Holocaust. Composers, arrangers, and compilers include: Joseph Achron, Ilya Aisberg, Paul Ben Haim, Israel Brandmann, Samuel Bugatch, Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Julius Chajes, Joel (Julius) Engel, Michl Gelbart, Mikhail Gnessin, Abraham Goldfaden, Solomon Golub, Vladimir Heifetz, I. Kaplan, Menahem Kipnis, S. Kisselgof, Henech Kon, H. Kopit, Alexander Krein, Paul Lamkoff, Boris Levenson, Pesach Lvov, Moses Milner, O. Potoker, Salomon Rosowsky, Aron Marko Rothmuller, Anton Rubinstein, Nathan Samaroff, Lazare Saminsky, Mordecai Sandberg, J. Schuman, Moshe Shalit, Harold Shapero, Ephraim Skliar, Ljubow Streicher, Joachim Stutschewsky, A. Veprik, Jacob Weinberg, Lazar Weiner, Leo Zeitlin, Alexander M. Zhitomirsky. Compilations of music of the Holocaust include *Zamlung fun katset un geto lider*, comp. Zami Feder: *Dos gezang fun vilner geto*, comp. Szmerke Kaczerginski;*30 Songs of the Ghetto*, comp. Henech Kon; *Ghetto und Kz Lieder*, comp. Johanna Spector. *Miscellaneous*. Manuscripts and published musical works. aterials about Jewish music organizations and choruses, cantors, programs, newspaper clippings, photographs, postcards. Composers include Ben Yomen, Meir Bogdansky, Max Helfman.
This collection was assembled in the YIVO Archives and is of mixed provenance.
collection is still very much in flux; data may be subject to change.
Inventories to Choral Music, (59 pp.) and Sheet Music, (281 pp.); Sheet Music Index (65 pp.); Inventory to Composers & Compilers (155 pp.); Index to Instrumental Compositions (9 pp.). Above inventories and indexes are typed and in English. Folder list to Choral Music (Supplement), MS, Yiddish, 46 pp.

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