Diary of Josiah Smith, Jr. : one of the exiles from Charleston to St. Augustine during the British occupation, 1780-1781, 1780-before 1932

Smith, Josiah, 1731-1826


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Volume containing a typescript (before 1932) copy, edited and annotated in pencil (ca. 1932), of the diary (1780-1782) of Josiah Smith.
Volume contains Smith's account of the 29 citizens, prisoners on parole, taken from Charles Town (Charleston), South Carolina by the British on August 27, 1780, placed aboard the armed ship Sandwich, and exiled to St. Augustine, Florida. The account contains the names and positions of these exiled public officials and militia officers. Includes the comings and goings of vessels at St. Augustine, the items loaded and unloaded from ships, the arrival of additional prisoners, worship services, and the celebration of religious holidays.
In early July 1781 Smith notes that an exchange of prisoners was ordered for the Southern Department, and that their families are being sent to Virginia and Philadelphia. Smith includes a copy of orders from the Commissary of Prisoners and copies of letters from the prisoners of war on parole.
Smith records the release of the prisoners and arrival of prisoners' families at Philadelphia, and the death of his father, Josiah Smith (1704-1781) shortly thereafter. The diary contains a copy of Smith's father's epitaph (1782 Dec.)..
Smith also lists the number of British troops surrendered at Saratoga and Yorktown, the names of the heads of families exiled and the value of donations received, subscribers names in Philadelphia and loan or donations received, confiscated estates belonging to British subjects in the state of South Carolina, the names of individuals elected to the South Carolina legislature in 1781, and the number of exiles (family members and Negroes).
Charleston, South Carolina merchant and financial agent born in Cainhoy, St. Thomas's Parish, South Carolina. Josiah Smith, Jr. married Mary Stevens (1741-1795). During the American Revolution Smith served in the South Carolina General Assembly and as agent for the United States lottery. A patriot, Smith was taken prisoner during the siege of Charleston. After the war Smith returned to the mercantile business, then later became cashier of the Branch Bank of the United States (1790-1810).
Cite as: Smith, Josiah, 1731-1826. Diary of Josiah Smith, Jr., 1780-ca. 1932. (34/48) South Carolina Historical Society.
Published in: South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine, v. 33 and 34 (1932-1933).
Private collection of Mrs. G.E. Hazlehurst in 1932.

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