University of Virginia - Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library
Scope and Content Information In a letter, December 7, 1965, to Marshall Bean, Kerouac states that he works alone and has no secretary to send photographs or answer requests, stresses that the organized loner is a better creative writer, and gives his personal view of God.
Columbia University
There are 35 letters of William Burroughs to Jack Kerouac which deal with his daily life and thoughts in Louisiana, Mexico, and Morocco, with his writings and those of Kerouac, and with their mutual friends including Allen Ginsberg. Several examples of Burroughs' experimental prose are included. There are also several letters to Ellen Lucey about Jack Kerouac; and a memorial portrait of Kerouac by Robert LaVigne. Also, a proof copy of his novel, DESOLATION ANGELS
Southern Methodist University - DeGolyer Library
This collection includes letters and postcards written by Kerouac to various friends discussing literary and personal matters. Included is a brief note from Allen [Ginsberg]
Emory University - Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Collection
The collection consists of the papers of Jack and Stella Sampas Kerouac from 1940-1994 including art and artifacts; audiovisual material; clippings from newspapers and periodicals; correspondence; financial and legal records; memorials; printed material, and writings by both Jack Kerouac and others. Artwork includes sketches by Kerouac as well as a portrait of Kerouac by William Brown and works by others including Swiss painter Hugo Weber. Artifacts include an Army rucksack purchased by Kerouac, a suitcase, a typewriter, a wooden storage box, and a paint box with paints possibly used by Kerouac. There is also audiovisual material that includes commercial jazz recordings, recordings of Kerouac playing piano and reading his works, recordings of other writers reading their works, and conversations Kerouac recorded between himself and other writers such as Allen Ginsberg and Gregory Corso. Kerouac titled the reel to reel tapes with drawings, so numbers were assigned to connect the ... Read More
Stanford University
"Dreiser and Lewis: Two Visions of American Life, " 1948 Dec. 21. 5 p.
Emory University - Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Collection
Collection of material related to poet Jack Kerouac including correspondence, a proof copy of "Zen for the West" with four handwritten poems by Kerouac, and the corrected typescript for Jack's Book: An Oral Biography of Jack Kerouac.
Emory University - Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Collection
The collection consists mostly of correspondence written by and received by Jack Kerouac from circa 1950-1959. Correspondence includes letters from Kerouac to Neal Cassady (circa 1950), Kerouac to Gregory Corso (circa 1950), and Joyce Glassman to Kerouac (1957-1958). The collection also includes a proof copy of Sohaku Ogata's "Zen for the West" (1959), which has four handwritten poems by Kerouac inscribed in it
Pennsylvania State University Libraries
The collection consists of three poems: typewritten copy of Mexico City Blues, I79th Chorus, inscribed To Lydia by Kerouac and dated 13 Sept. 1966; blank verse commentary on a Hugo Weber painting titled, An Imaginary Portrait of Ulysses S. Grant/Edgar Allen Poe, printed in broadside by Portents, c1967, with photograph of Weber's painting by Ann Charters, limited to 200 copies; broadside poem titled Hymn, credited to Kerouac in 1959, published by Yes! Press, Portland, Oregon, c1971
University of Texas at Austin - Harry Ransom Center
The small Jack Kerouac Collection, 1948-1982, is composed of galley proofs for Desolation Angel and Excerpts from Visions of Cody, as well as page proofs of Excerpts, and a typescript of "Two Space Poems." In addition there is a notebook journal written by Kerouac while preparing to write On the Road. There are also three letters from Kerouac and two letters from friends of Kerouac to third-parties
University of Victoria - McPherson Library
The collection consists 4 typescript poems, signed, from "Mexico City Blues" (113th, 145th, 182nd, and 221st chorus ); 4 pp on 4 leaves